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06 April 2024

GRADING RESULTS - 24th & 31st March, 2024



Osu! Congratulations to all who graded on the 24th & 31st March 2024. Everyone showed a high spirit during their grading.


6th Kyu (Senior)

Sadie Aurora Gardiner (Distinction)

Sam Eduards Juen Song Lee

Olive Marite Junyi Lee

Chan Yin Fung

Tsang Chi Cheung, Hawkins

Liam O’Toole

Lam Tsz Kwan  

Tanya Elizabeth Hart

Shum Lok Chu


7th Kyu (Senior)

Mercedita Ventura

8th Kyu (Senior)

Rolando Ballesteros (Distinction)

Chan Wai Tak

6th Kyu (Junior)

Aili Tsang

Graded by:

Koh Soon Kim Shidoin 

06 March 2024



Women's Self Defense Workshop MARCH 2024 (5).jpg

This March, ASHK bring back WOMEN'S SELF-DEFENSE WORKSHOP (2-day workshop) to celebrate International Women's Day.

  • To build your awareness and confidence

  • To empower women

  • No fitness experience is required to join the workshop


Open to all HK residents, domestic helpers... Age 18 and above. Only for ladies. 


  • Date: Saturday, 16 & 23 March, 2024

  • Time: 10:00 - 12:00

  • Location: Wan Chai District (The exact time and location will be notified to the participants on 10/3)


Contact us to register or inquire now! (WhatsApp 96234-609 - Anh Nguyen Sensei)

18 Sep 2023

with RAMLAN ORTEGA SHIHAN (6th Dan Aikido)


CHI-Restraint  Removal 2023.jpg
ENG-Restraint  Removal 2023 (Anh's contact).jpg

香港合氣道修道館將在十月底舉辦[制服對方與應對武器實戰研討會],由合氣道修道館馬來西亞主導師Ramlan Ortega 師範(合氣道6段)親身教學。






地點: 觀塘 巧明街109號, 榮昌工業大廈 6樓 A室



更多詳情,請聯絡許教練 6892 3962


Aikido Shudokan Hong Kong is proud to host Ramlan Ortega Shihan (6th Dan Aikido) for a very first time and to organize “Restraint & Removal Seminar” in Hong Kong.

Restraint & Removal techniques are based on Aikido principles. Techniques taught will focus on takedowns, immobilization (pins) and control & eviction techniques.

The seminar will open to all types of martial arts & all levels, especially law enforcement personnel.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Time & Date: 10:00 - 12:30, Sunday 29th October, 2023.

  • Location: Unit A, 6/F, Wing Cheung Industrial Building, 109 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

  • Online registration link:

  • Fee: HKD400/pax

For enquiries, please contact Anh Nguyen Sensei (WhatsApp +852 9623 4609) or Koh Soon Kim Sensei (WhatsApp +852 6892 3962).

We are truly privileged to have Ramlan Ortega Shihan with us - Don't miss the chance to learn from one of the top Aikido instructors in the world!

18 Sep 2023

AIKIDO MONTH - Explore Aikido your way! 



In October 2023, we are excited to offer FREE Aikido basic course (5 classes) to all ethnic minorities and Women's Self-defense workshop (2 hours) to all Hong Kong Residents (T&C applied).


This is our pleasure to collaborate with HOPE Centre to deliver social service for communities in Hong Kong. HOPE Center is operated under the International Social Service Hong Kong Branch and has been providing quality services and programmes for ethnic minority communities since May 2009.


These activities are also a part of "Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong - Discovering Nippon 2023" " a Festival in October and November which has different types of events: Movies, performing arts, arts and crafts, food & beverage, sports and intellectual exchanges, etc. The Festival is annually organised by Consulate General of Japan in Hong Kong. 

For enquiries and registration of "Women's Self-defense Workshop" and "Aikido Class", please visit the Facebook page of HOPE Centre or contact the assigned staff. 

30 June 2023



It has been 2 wonderful days spending at AikiBudo Seminar with Joe Thambu Shuseki Shihan (24 - 25 Jun 2023). Some basic and insights into Aikido stances, ukemi (breaking falls), techniques and self-defense are covered.

We are very grateful to Joe Thambu Shuseki Shihan for your available time and amazing teaching in Hong Kong. We are totally looking forward to having you visit us and learning more about both Aikido and Budo.

Thank you very much all ASHK students for your awesomely strong Shudokan spirit. We also very much appreciate all Aikido-ka friends and participants from different martial arts for joining and 100% attentive training during the seminar. We hope the seminar is practical and helpful for your martial art journey.

See you all soon on the mats. Osu!

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